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Hi guys!

Just to get it out there, this is like my third attempt on being a blogger. Hopefully this one lasts longer than three months! I have great ideas that I am thinking of posting on this blog that may help, but yeah.

Remember in school where it's the first day, and the teachers want to have like an ice breaker game and you introduce yourself to like twenty other students, and you're just there, standing, trying not to act like a fool, at the same time having a little panic attack because you'd be talking in front of everybody? Well that's going to happen now. The only difference is that I don't really see you, so I guess that panic attack is not really present at the moment.

My name is Nikki. I currently am an entry-level scientist working for a big company. I recently just moved in with my very awesome boyfriend, Grant, who is an entry-level engineer. We are just starting our lives together and it's been a fun roller coaster ride. Grant and I have been dating for a year and a half now, and we're excited with what lies ahead for us.

What's going to be in this blog:

I have lots of ideas on what to include in this blog. First, RECIPES! Like what I said, Grant and I recently just moved in, and when I was living at home, my mom cooks everything. Now, I get to try a whack at cooking. So far, Grant has been liking what I've been cooking for him. So, I thought of looking for easy recipes and maybe make it easier for cooks out there who are also learning.

Another thing I have in mind to put in this blog are DIYs. I like to think of myself as crafty, and I have been making gifts for Grant. Maybe I can put together cute DIYs and include it in my blog, too.

TRAVEL! Although Grant and I have not traveled together yet, we have already planned out places we want to visit, and we definitely will be posting stories about our future expeditions.

Games, movies, music! Grant and I both love watching movies and playing games (more of Grant, though). So we want to post reviews about the movies we've seen and games we've played. And music, too, because who doesn't love music?

I also want to include a few tips that I have learnt and will learn along the way. Grant and I just both got done with college and just a few months after that, we decided to move in together. Now, I am not saying I'm an expert with these things, but I definitely would love to share what we have learnt. And if I get people who reads my blogs, I would love to hear suggestions from people, too, and maybe advice.

So far, that's what I have thought of including in this blog. Maybe it will change along the way, but I think I got a solid plan. Hopefully, I will be able to update this as much as I can. Third time's a charm, right? Maybe, just maybe, this is the perfect blog to keep.



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